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New Project to Assist New Sawereso Orphans

October 2023: Funding for the full annual tuition for some of the orphans has been secured thanks to the generosity of our donors.

However, there are several orphans that yet need our help today to fund their education:

Will you stand with us please and support these precious children?


September 2023: In order to provide educational support for orphans in New Sawereso, a sub-fund has been established, the Katakyie Agyemang III Orphans Education Fund. This sub-fund, operating within the Katakyie Agyemang Duah III Nonprofit Foundation Corp., focuses on the welfare and betterment through education of orphans. Through the generosity of international donors, the educational expenses of three orphans have been provided for the new school year. But other orphans within the Stooldom do not yet have this support.



If you would like to assist, please let us know that you wish your Donation to go towards orphan support, and it will be allocated accordingly. Thank you.

We invite you to join us in supporting this important work. Just click on the Donate tab.