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Honours System

There are five tiers of the honours system of New Sawereso-Seinuah. These are:

  • Okokroko.Corecr (Barony)

Note: This honour translates from Akan to English as "giant" or "gigantic." But, in context, it is appropriate to translate this into English as a barony. Unlike many baronies, especially in non-reigning royal Houses, the Okokroko.Corecr (baronies) of New Sawereso-Seinuah include physical, long-term leased land where the grantee may build a home, have crops grown, designate for environment conservation, or other uses, subject to covenants from His Majesty and his council.

  • Royal Order of the Cross of New Sawereso-Seinuah
  • Royal Order of Agyemang III of New Sawereso-Seinuah
  • Royal Order of the Majestic Sun of New Sawereso-Seinuah
  • Royal Order of the Tiger and Hawk of New Sawereso-Seinuah

All of the honours system is open to both the people of New Saweso-Seinuah and persons living in different countries and lands. A number of honorees are residents of New Sawereso-Seinuah.

New Sawereso-Seinuah Coat of Arms